On a scale of Tyler Posey to Dylan O’Brien how done are you with press events?

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Any last advice? Stay alive.

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Dylan O’Brien at press conference for The Maze Runner in Beverly Hills

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the very serious cast of a very serious show

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Which colour hair do you guys think looks best? I can’t tell when it’s on myself ugh


If you think eating healthy is cheap you either live with your parents or have never actually been to a grocery store

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i dont think my parents ever dreamed their kid was growing up to be a depressed sarcastic asshole thats addicted to the internet and has more internet friends than real ones

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"we will not focus this season on another characters other than lydia or derek"

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Teen Wolf S2 - from a distance (S1)

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what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work

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"big boobs don’t count if you’re fat"

neither does a big dick if half of it is your personality


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